Kindle Cover

Don't walk around with your Kindle exposed to the world! Grab a Kindle cover to add a layer of protection and a touch of style to your mobile reader.

haan cole kindle cover

A good Kindle cover is a must-have. It provides protection against everyday wear and tear, keeps your screen dust free, and convinces your coworkers you've got just a plain old book sitting on your desk.

One of the great things about Kindle Covers is the wide variety of styles to choose from. From simple to extravagant, there's a Kindle cover to suit your tastes.

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  • Covers are made from a variety of materials, from nylon to hand-stained leather.
  • Protects your Kindle while being bumped and tossed about in your bag or backpack
  • Many different styles are available to suit your tastes.
  • Clips securely to your Kindle for hassle-free use.

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